Our first inaugural BarterJar was held at Span Community Centre in Thornbury on 10 November 2019. And what an afternoon it was. There was a great community spirit - participants brought so many wonderful items to share in the barter raffle and for afternoon tea. Handcrafted wooden spoons,  hand sewn cutlery holders, lemon curd, relish, custard, flower posies, rosemary salt, jam - you name it, we had it!
Karen Sutherland from Edible Eden Design shared so many wonderful insights and what are some really good plants, both native and exotic, to plant in our gardens that will supply us with great edible options.
Karen Sutherland from Edible Eden Design will be joining BarterJar to share her experience and stories about home growing, seed saving and getting the most from any garden space. Guests will be invited to talk about their produce and ask Karen’s advice to help solve any garden problems!
Growing up in a family of gardeners and farmers, Karen has grown her own food since she could wield a shovel and devoted her working life to gardening. For the last 10 years her focus has been on helping others to grow their own food, mostly in urban situations, through her teaching, writing and speaking. Her own garden has over 200 edible plants including 40 natives. Her first book, Tomato; Know Sow Grow Feast was released last year with co-authors Penny Woodward and Janice Sutton.
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